Partial Client List

  • Action Freight Service
  • Brown University
  • Calendar Club
  • Castle Hill Fitness
  • Kent Duckham Architects
  • Lucien, Stirling & Gray
  • Mark Ashby Design
  • Payne/Bouchier
  • Philips Medical Systems
  • Providence College
  • Providence Public Library
  • South Texas Money Management
  • Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Synergy Energy Economics
  • Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • The Soup Peddler
  • Tivoli Systems, Inc.
  • University of Texas, McCombs School of Business

What Clients Say

“Implementations helped us make changes in our organization that allowed us to handle a higher volume of business, which led directly to increased income and profits.”

Buzz Gondran, President
Action Freight Service
Austin, TX

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“We have worked with Ross on numerous consulting projects since 1997. He has been instrumental in solving a wide range of management problems, and has helped us develop ways of working that have become part of the fabric of the company.”

Paul Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer
Calendar Club
Austin, TX

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“Ross’s assistance in helping us plan for and implement a profitable event spaces business has been genuinely invaluable. From helping identify the key strategies for exploring and planning our new venture, through the RFP process that culminated in the evaluation and selection of the best partner for our enterprise, his insight, clear thinking, and discussion facilitation skills kept us on track and on schedule, and always ever mindful of our true goals.”

Dale Thompson, Director
Providence Public Library
Providence, RI

“We had been focusing on the architecture, but not on running our business as a business. Ross helped us re-think and re-work many aspects of our operation. We are a significantly improved business than we were a year ago.”

Kent Duckham, President
Kent Duckham Architects
Boston, MA

“We’ve had many good speakers and presentations in recent years, but none has generated as much unsolicited positive feedback as Ross’ did. His topic was timely, clearly presented, and conveyed the importance of this issue.”

Thomas Twombly, President
Lucien, Stirling & Gray Financial Advisors
Austin, TX

“Ross helped us develop the necessary skills sets to gain control of our business and move it to the next level. Ross’ approach has become the model and standard for how we solve problems in our company. Many of the systems Ross developed are still in place more than 10 years later.”

Tom Payne, Managing Partner
Payne/Bouchier, Custom Builders
Boston, MA

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“Ross began working with our firm at a critical period in the company’s growth, when we were being held back by our “startup” practices and orientation but didn’t have the experience or knowledge to move to the next stage. Ross helped us identify opportunities to improve our practices, helped us keep focus on critical processes and decisions, and worked closely with key staff to ensure followthrough and full adoption of new practices. All of this work delivered great results in terms of work product quality and staff development, in addition to dramatically reducing costs and improving profitability.”

Ezra Hausman, Chief Operating Officer
Synapse Energy Economics
Cambridge, MA

“Once again, Implementations helped us rebuild and revitalize one of our most important programs. Ross’ ability to assess a situation and develop appropriate solutions has been critical to our success.”

Laura Costello, Director of Marketing Operations
Philips Medical Systems
Andover, MA

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“I hired Implementations to help me launch a new practice. Even before we opened, Ross’ insights and feedback played a central role in shaping my vision for the business. During the early months of operation, we worked together to create the processes and operating methods that have become the foundation of my firm.”

Ryan Street, Principal
Ryan Street and Associates Architecture
Austin, TX

“One of our best business prospects was coincidentally a former client of Implementations. When I mentioned to them that we had been working with Ross on improving our own operation, it immediately gave them the confidence to award us their business.”

Steve Siegel, President
Siegel Associates Structural Engineers
Boston, MA

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“This survey project was very worthwhile for us. We received terrific feedback from our clients regarding the professionalism of the interviews. Implementations’ analysis of the client input was thoughtful and comprehensive. They provided us with a series of insightful, validated recommendations that we are applying to improve our business and responsiveness to our clients.”

Jeanie Wyatt, CFA, CEO and Chief Investment Officer
South Texas Money Management, Ltd.
San Antonio, TX

“Ross’ ideas and contributions to our planning session were instrumental in establishing a new course of direction for our organization.”

Mary Cheryl Dorwart, President
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Austin Affiliate
Austin, TX

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“Ross helped us identify key issues and change long-held perspectives that were limiting the organization. More importantly, Ross worked with us in a way that engaged and motivated the group, and brought us together to achieve a common goal.”

Bill Daugherty, Superintendent
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Austin, TX

“Ross helped us merge three independent groups into one cohesive team that is highly effective and accountable for the deployment and support of Tivoli products worldwide. We have realized significant value from the standards and procedures Ross worked with us to establish.”

Scott Berentsen, Manager of IT
Tivoli Systems, Inc.
Austin, TX

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“Ross added a practical, professional perspective to the MBA Plus Program. His presentations were clear and relevant, and really helped the students understand their role as professional partners with their clients. We look forward to working with him in future sessions of Plus.”

Stephen Tomlinson, Ph.D., Founding Director
McCombs Business School MBA PLUS Program, University of Texas
Austin, TX

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“Since 2003, Ross has been an integral part of our consulting project program. He works with me each semester to refine our approach, and he has coached over 150 student teams. Project leaders rely on him for advice throughout their projects, and routinely report that his input is invaluable in helping them define their projects, manage their teams, and deliver meaningful results to their clients.”

Deidra Graves Stephens, Ph.D., Director, Texas MBA+ Leadership Program
McCombs School of Business, University of Texas
Austin, TX

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“Ross is a trusted advisor to me and a valued resource for my company. I have brought him in on three occasions over the past five years as we have continued to grow. Each time he has helped us increase revenue and profit, improve the day-to-day running of the business, and develop a strategy for the next level of growth. In 2010 we worked together to develop a new level of management for my company so that I could focus more on working with my clients. This has been very successful and I couldn’t be happier with how it has worked out.”

Mark Ashby, Principal
Mark Ashby Design
Austin, TX

“Our business was booming. We needed to update our operating model to keep pace, and to ensure that we would be able to continue to deliver the level of customer service that we were known for. Ross worked closely with our senior management team for a period of several months. He was very effective in helping us refine and rework many aspects of our business; from standardizing operating procedures to developing a strategy for diversification and managed growth.”

Bob Novello, Director
University of Texas Professional Development Center
Austin, TX

“Ross’ presentation ‘Delivering is Not Enough – A Customer Service Reality Check’ was a much-needed and eye-opening topic for our membership. Ross’ professional yet personable approach was extremely effective in getting through to the audience—something that can be hard to achieve through a webinar!”

Sarah Cavicchi, Executive Director
In-House Agency Forum
Boston, MA

“Ross’ presentation of ‘Beyond Time Management: Improving Personal Effectiveness’ attracted an unusually large audience, and was extremely well received. Ross had terrific command of the material and gave an inspiring presentation on the topic. We will definitely have Ross as a speaker again.”

Mark Land, Chairman
University of Texas Club
Business Development Group

“Implementations helped define critical processes that shaped our company in its inception. When we were ready to take the business to the next level, there was no question that we would call Ross to help us get there.”

Ken Housman, Founder & Managing Director
LongRun Strategies
Ashland, MA

“Ross worked perspectives from throughout our organization into a compelling, strategic plan for branding and business development. His abilities and insight were vital to the project’s success.”

Lynn Sherman, Manager of Governmental Affairs and Community Relations
Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA)
Austin, TX

“As a workshop leader, Ross was a joy to work with. He was dynamic, incisive, and did a great job helping us clarify our needs and develop a practical, engaging direction and plan.”

Angela-Jo Medina, Education Program Coordinator
Caritas of Austin
Austin, TX

“After a period of rapid growth, our department felt disconnected and disorganized. We hired Ross to help us regain our edge. He worked with us to identify and address aspects of our operation that we had outgrown but continued to do by habit, and helped us get back to playing at the top of our game.”

Tracy Byers, Director, Marketing Services
Philips Medical Systems
Andover, MA

“Our firm had a great track record of work, but had never quite reached our potential for managed growth. Great design is still what drives us, but Ross helped us develop the business approach that supports it. He listened to us and took the time to learn about us, before providing us with some very practical, valuable methods to get to the next level.”

Bob Anderson, Principal & Founder
J. Robert Anderson Landscape Architects
Austin, Texas

“Ross’ contributions were critical to meeting our goals. He helped us become a much more solid and organized operation.”

Colleen Willis, Business Manager
Cooler Ideas, Sheetrock Contractors
Austin, TX

“Ross has coached dozens of my graduate students, offering them valuable guidance and expertise. He has an encouraging communications style, and has served as a role model for these young professionals. I give Ross my highest recommendation as a consulting trainer.”

Leslie Jarmon, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
The Graduate School, University of Texas
Austin, TX

“We engaged Ross to elevate our field supervisors to true managers and he did just that. It was a big step forward for our company that resulted in more tightly run jobs, and more time for me to focus on business development.”

Peter Bensley, President
Bensley Construction
Cambridge, MA