Presentations and Workshops

Ross Mitchel, Principal and Founder of Implementations, speaks to managers, business owners and entrepreneurs on a variety of topics. These content-rich presentations will elevate your meeting or conference by providing participants with relevant and practical information they can immediately use to effect real change in your organization.

The following presentations can also be delivered as workshops tailored to the individual needs of each organization:

Topics for Non-profits

From Conflict to Consensus: Managing Customer Expectations

“But you assured me…” is the common opening lament of unhappy customers whose expectations were mismanaged regarding such things as cost, schedule, scope, or the extent of the benefit they will receive. You, on the other hand, are sure that you never made such assurances. Why do clashes like this occur so often? How can they be avoided? This presentation focuses on the root causes and underlying dynamics of mismanaged expectations, as well as the impact that even minor miscommunication can have on your business. You’ll learn how eliminating such events can differentiate you from the competition, and what strategies and techniques to apply for improvement.

Making it Stick: Essentials of Effective Change Management

A shared frustration among business leaders is their inability to effect significant change within their own organization. They come up with good ideas and may even get the ball rolling, but somehow their initiatives don’t “stick.” This presentation focuses on three essentials of change: 1) Design, 2) Implement, 3) Sustain – and how to apply them to realize meaningful and enduring change.

Beyond Time Management: Improving Personal Effectiveness

We’ve all attended time management seminars, but few of us really apply the techniques to truly improve our individual effectiveness. Time management is only a tool – personal effectiveness is the goal. This presentation identifies the key factors that inhibit productivity, and explains how each of us can address them to be more proactive, more accomplished and more deliberate in how we choose to spend our time and energy.

Not for the Faint of Heart: A Customer Service Reality Check

If “customer service” is so important, how come you can count on one hand the number of organizations that provide a truly stellar customer experience? And how many people would put your organization on their short list of these exceptional companies? It’s a pretty exclusive club, and one that your organization probably isn’t a member of – even if you think you are. This presentation challenges participants to take a hard look at the customer experience their organization delivers, benchmarking against the recognized leaders of customer service.

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Topics for Non-profits

Vision is Not Enough

“Run it more like a business” has become a common theme among non-profit leaders and educators in recent years. The need for this tends to be obscured during economic boom times but, like their for-profit counterparts, many non-profits now realize that vision and commitment alone are not enough to deliver on their mission. Although some non-profit leaders bristle at the notion of the perceived formality of “running a tighter ship,” it is essential to building a truly effective organization. This presentation focuses on the mindset shift and action steps necessary to make this transition.

Volunteers for Life

Many non-profit organizations find that they are pretty good at getting volunteers in the door – once, but have trouble retaining them and getting them to return for future initiatives. Much of this can be attributed to the assumption that the opportunity to support the organization’s mission will be enough to keep volunteers excited and involved. If only it were so… but it’s not. Supporting the mission is enough to engage volunteers the first time, but the key to getting them to return – and the focus of this presentation – is the quality of their overall experience as volunteers, an area sorely overlooked by many non-profits.

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